Some of Maggie's Photos
Maggie is also
responsible for many
of the photos used in
this website.  If you
would like any more
photos or are
interested in having
photos taken (within
the New England
region) please feel
free to
contact me!
Some of Rebecca's Paintings
"When I Grow Up"    (oil)
Is a smaller painting that was inspired,
by my children and an ad I saw.
"Raisn Summer Cane"   (acrylic)
Is a stallion that belongs to a friend of ours at Snow
Valley Farm, I loved the photo.
"Bear With Me"    (oil)
Is a retired Thoroughbred gelding that I own and is currently living
in the R.D. and Irma Holt Memorial Sculpture Garden.  He's living
art!  I did this for
Larry Corriveau who has found a friend for life in
These paintings (on the
right) were taken from the
photos on the left.  
Rebecca will create a
painting from any photo of
your horse(s).  Please
contact us if you are
While we love it when people like our art, please remember
that they are our property.  Please contact us if you would
like to use one of our pieces.
Please visit the website of another local artist and
animal lover, Larry Corriveau, who does amazing
metal sculptures.  Click
"Honor"   (acrylic)
Is a piece that was in my head for a year before it went to canvas.
It is a large painting measuring 4'x 4'.  When possible I like to go 'large'.
"Becca"  (oil)
Little dog with a great big personality that
belonged to a dear friend for many years.  
This was a wedding present.