In Loving Memory of Diamond Dee
It is with sad hearts that we say good-bye to Dee.  She was a
true "Diamond in the rough".  She taught us the value of
knowing the right places to scratch and of just enjoying
life.  Her spirit lives on in her off spring, but we will all miss
her dearly.
Goldn Opportuniti
    Padrons Mahogany                                        
Mahogany Gold

    Perkett E

Goldn Opportuniti

    D-A Sadot


Geo is truly what an Arabian should be.  We could watch her move all day.. she
floats above the ground with amazing grace and elegance.   Please see the foals
page to view pictures of her first colt and her filly from 2006.    Geo has sold
will be residing in Florida (just in time for winter...lucky girl!).  Her new owners
are going to continue to use her for breeding.
Winsome Magic
                      Ali Jamaal

Magic Dream

            The Dreamspinner

Winsome Magic



Bred by Strawberry Banks Farm, Winnie has an amazing pedigree.  She looks just
like her dam and moves like her sire (we think we got the best of both worlds)! Her
dam *Wizjera was bred in Poland at the Michalow stud and her grandam *Wizja was
a U.S. National champion.   Winnie has had one foal by our stud,
Alar Gabriel
He is currently for sale, visit our foals and for sale pages to see him.
The Mares

*Midnight Express




          HY Tyme Renee